Thanks for coming to check out my work I hope you leave with a sense of what I can offer you as well as some insights into my personality and style. 


For the past seven years, I have been designing and providing art direction for the largest privately owned plumbing manufacturer, Kohler Co. During those seven years, I’ve pushed my creative voice and performance, proven my leadership capabilities and have managed to do so with ongoing engagement. All while making toilets look like the $#!%. I was so successful at my job that I was recognized for my dedication and performance by being inducted into the Kohler NXT leadership program. The program’s objective is to groom its participants into executive management. After completing the program, I decided to quit and to move to the Pacific Northwest to try to be good at more than just work and to start living my life.


I am living in Seattle with my Bernese Mountain Dog Hildie, directing all my energy to maintaining a good work/life balance. I have been freelancing out of my home and truly enjoy working with creative and entrepreneurial clients, stretching my abilities and learning along the way. Every business has a story to share, and it is my goal to tell that story through design. I specialize in branding, print, social media and art direction.

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